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Welcome to InterShop Network, Inc. Located in beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida, USA. InterShop Network, Inc. first started in 2000. Our first web property was Challenger Martial Arts. The internet was very young at this time and there were only a few suppliers online. I am proud to say we are one of only a couple that have survived until this day.

Our next web property was Action Stun Guns. At that time stun guns were widely regarded as nothing more than toys but we had found a Korean manufacturer that was producing high voltage, military grade stun guns and stun batons. We started offering these items as non-lethal self defense items and they took off. Fast forward to today and all stun guns are high voltage and have had many improvements and advancements made. The current trend of incorporating tactical lights with stun guns is a good example.


Our company is small but dedicated to providing quality items and quality service. If you any questions or concerns, contact us and we will be happy to try and help you.


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